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more dreams

Killing Turtles


dreamed last night that I killed two turtles in separate incidents.

the second time i ran it over with the car.

they were big turtles, at least two feet in length. i smelled their flesh when it was ripped open by my tire.

I was sad that i killed them. I did not feel that it was my fault. but at the same time, I felt that destiny was lining me up to be an oppressor, and thus it was my fault. why turtles? This is not the first time i've dreamed about turtles.

turtles seem to be a reocurring theme.

last night they were in my dream again, land turtles. I was running over them with my car. the last one broke in half, and I could smell his flesh, which looked like baked swordfish.

I was partially sad and partially defiant.