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more dreams

Killing Spree


i was spraying people with bullets. I was a sniper at one point, picking off people from 500 yards, then shooting people point blank in the head. When i ran out of bullets, I had clips on my belt I could reup. When i ran out of clips of bullets, I shot darts, then sprays of something. I sprayed people in the eyes. Hustling through an open field full of people, I had no shortage of targets.

I got back to where i had been, a 'team build' of some sort. Somewhere dark like a club, where Shane had a list of things that needed to get done. The whole team was there, and then Stacy was there too, as the newbie, and for some reason i wanted Stacy to dance with number 42 (or was it 52) on the list, thinking Shane was that number. It turned out I was that number on the list. We didnt end up dancing but we chatted.

Someone came up to me, someone who was on my side, and showed me a quick glance of the UK map, with an orange spot on it that indicated an airport. "They found out about you at your first location" she said with a worried look. I froze, realizing the cops would be coming after me, then began to run.

The rest of the dream was my escape. Gangs of people started hunting for me, like militias or undercover arms of the police. Apparently I had not only shot and killed lots of people, I also planted bombs at airports.

One car full of guys was chasing after me, and another gang on motorbikes. I got far enough away from them and around the corner that i thought i could hide. I curled up behind a bush, and although there was nothing covering me, I thought they might not see me because my clothes were earthy, grey and brown. Their car headlights shone on me and as they neared the stop sign, they saw me. The guys on the bikes showed up behind them, pulled around to the side, and the guys in the cars had to point out to the guys in the bikes that i was right there behind the bush. They all turned around at the same time, and this made me indignant. What are you, a bunch of legos? I thought.