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Karla's Party, GTO
May 15, 2010


it was a random clash of folks i brought with me to guanajuato to see Karla. She had invited me/us to her party. Normally i wouldnt travel the 4-5 hrs it must have taken us to drive to mexico (in reality much longer), but it was a birthday party and she invited me and i thought it would be a good opportunity to see her and do something different. (last night i went out to eat at a mexican restaurant with my dad).

There was Joe ___ the round-faced italian kid from high school, whom i never talked to much but in my dream was supposedly a closer friend; and some other random people. We showed up at the party which was darkly lit and had some music going. I remember not being sure if i'd be expected to dance. I think i recognized a few of Karla's friends and we sort of said hello to each other. it seemed a lot more like nightclub atmosphere than house party atmosphere,b ut that's exactly what it was, and in fact it was someone else's house, not Karla's.

the cops came and made us all leave for some reason. or maybe it was the friend's parents who were not keen on having us there. but either way we had to leave. lights turned on. I thought i saw karla's dad, Carlos, and i was going to say hi to him. my stare lingered but he never made eye contact so i turned away and left.

later on, somewhere in guanajuato, karla was working behind the counter as a cook. I too, had cooked my own flautas full of beef and let them dry, and then as karla was cooking, she served me one (i had meant to wait until Joe was around again so we could eat them on the ride home or something, but i ended up eating them all there). My chair was like at the bar, so i was watching her cook while eating. another customer came in, a random mexican kid who did not know me or karla. We were both at the bar eating our orders. I finished my second to last flauta as karla had sat down at another part of the joint to have her meal during break. She got up briefly to get something, and I said "karla, me agarras el ultimo..." and she did; grab the last flauta and gave it to me. I was conscious of the other kid, wanting him to know that i knew karla so that he wouldnt think i was randomly flirting when i went over to her seat and sat with her. When i did go over to her and sit down, she looked up, but not at me, and smirked. I think she was pleased.