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Joker Women


joker women.

there were two girls who were following me around my neighborhood. one was evil and wanted to kill me. the other i think was on my side. the one who wanted to kill me would sometimes turn into the actual Jack Nicholson joker. it was extremely difficult to get rid of this character, and I tried many things. at one point I even managed to slam her head into the pavement, and although i was sure i'd cracked her skull and saw it start to bleed, she eventually got back up and kept following me. as for the second character, i'm not sure where she went. she was sort of hovering, as a potential decoy, but not to much effect. I "had to go home" which was my excuse for getting away from her, and as I was walking around Friend St and Eustis, I knew i was getting close to my house and did not want her to find out where i lived. But I think she knew anyway, because at the bottom of my backyard near the Adler's Driveway she lit a piece of paper on fire 'by accident' "ooops" (the other girl was like "yea start a fire") and set ablaze some leaves and other things I knew would spread to my house. At this point even the girl who was supposedly on my side was helping her - and was for some reason missing an eyeball. oh yea, because i had plucked it out. I remember running away and saying "dont you need to fix your eyeball?" (and not chase me anymore?)

there were other happenings of the night; I was going to stay with a coworker who lived in a Marshalls or Macys. His area wasn't even that well cordoned off from the actual store. He had lots of space to his "apartment". the lights were flourescent and everything looked like an art gallery setting, much beiger, brickier, and whiter than the rest of the store, which was warmer and smoother and softer. Some superior of his said something to him before he and I got home ( I think we were taking the subway) and made some kind of waving off hand gesture when she said 'your bathroom' - i asked him what she meant by that. he explained. he didnt have a bathroom but he had this thing that looked like a vaccuum cleaner. it was portable, had a whole for pissing in, and a cup sort of thing on the top that you sit on to take a shit. I was unimpressed and a little disappointed that there was not a proper bathroom in his place. I pondered making it work for me.

i was given a 40 hour work week, and i was happy about it, but i remember hesitating when they told me. then they started to recant, but i assured them i was happy to have it. there were other details related to work, possibly cutting cheese, knife related...