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more dreams

"I should be doing this."



I was going to writing class. but i kept missing it or doing the assignment wrong. the teacher was good natured and when i went to her office to get the assignment, her assistant was there too. it was more like a house. I told her i had been inspired by the last assignment, that i was bummed that i missed the chance to read it in class, that i was having so much fun writing i thought "I should be doing this!" - and the secretary cackled at that and repeated it. "I should be doing this - hahaha"
I smiled and knew she was scoffing, but i was confident and thought it true.

eric laurits was christ. before he left as christ, I was with him and with cheesebongsmoking friends.

mlik bong. actually, cheese jug bong, but we called it a cheese milk bong, or something. it was a plastic cannister that looked like a long term pet food dispenser. eric's friend - eric had two friends who were considerably more goofball than he - unscrewed the top and showed me it was full of juicy oozy whitish cheese. he had somehow affixed a giant tube and there was a square spout that poured out cheese. they asked me to take a hit, but i told them i vaped earlier, that i was fine. He really wanted me to try it, but I really didnt want to. sounded gross. I said aloud as i thought disgustedly, "bongmilk." The friend repeated it, realizing himself, the bongmilk must taste disgusting. i thought it was funny though. finally i think i did try to take a hit, but i made a new hole with a carb, because i had not seen the long tube in the back. i apologized. he took it well, and then we worked to plug the hole i had made. we were in erc's parents' kitchen. there were a lot of knives in the wood block. ultimately the friend took out two foot high jars of green apples in some kind of brine. the apples had patterns on them like bowling balls or tomatoes... a sort of swept galaxy look.

it was late, dusky. we could see eric the christ coming up the road because although he was invisible, his white halo shined. it shined like a flashy vegas sign, intermittent white segmets circling each other. I suggested to the halo that he 'spike the ball' when he appeared. He appeared and threw the white bone-like baton of a halo into the middle of a bush across a pond.

He had been able to travel into time. he came back and noted to me that 2024 was an important year when things would get more ornery for me. Ornery? i pondered. that sounds interesting, and ominous. I did the math. I will be 44 then.

the house at one point turned into a country bed and breakfast type spread-out, but it was more dingy and ballparky than that. one space had no doors and was painted navy blue over concrete. people sat on picnic tables and ordered breakfast. there was a mens and women's room that looked like train station bathrooms, with the iconic man and woman signs. I accidentally walked into the woman's room but immediately left. I wasn't looking for a bathroom, i was looking for the exit, because i needed to get back to wherever i was going.

as i was leaving his house - it was time to get back to where i needed to go, wherever that was - i came down the stairs and brian laurits followed me. I was smiling to myself saying "this is a special family. What do you think, Brian, do you believe in psychic ability?" but brian didnt say much.

I was trying to explain to people why the dialogue around global warming was falty, why it's all semantics that is keeping us from progress. that it's about [proportions. it was the word "ratio" or "proportion" that i hesitated on just for a split second, trying to find the perfect word. "balance" may have been the first word i wanted to use]. I became frustrated that they werent understanding.

i was the second coming of christ, and as such i killed people mercilessly, with impunity, and for pleasure. If they lit my cigarette too slowly, dead. if i didnt like the way they looked at me, dead. I used a shotgun, a knife... i got creative. they were all too slow. I was walking through a train station with Stacy and some other people. someone give me a cigarette! I exclaimed. Someone give me a lighter. I remember stabbing one woman repeatedly because i didnt stab her right the first time. it felt good to stab and watch the knife stick out of her body, the handle suspended in the air.

I and two others were on a flying subway car. ahead of us was another subway car with two or three other people shooting at us with automatic rifles - or were they automatic laser rifles? either way, lots of sparks and bangs at the front window. the window was bluish and spotty, like a skyroof under rain at dusk. it was bullet proof. when they stopped to reload, we opened the subway cars and shot our shotguns out the side at them. not sure if i was still Christ at this point.