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Flying in an infinity-shaped airtube
Feb 16, 2009

we were at a wedding. the girl getting married actually looked a lot like a boy, and was balding. and was wearing a suit. but the invitation did say female. wearing glasses and somber looking. i remember walking through their unfamiliar house and in one room was chris conway, sam hochberg, greg anderson, and others. chris conway reminded me that in 8th grade we went to florida. i did not remember at all so i said 'nuh-uh! i dont remember!' and he proceeded to remind me of Greg Anderson's _______ something. (something like a mockery or impersonation that was applicable to different people or things.) i was being distracted by my glasses that were crooked and needed to be bent back into shape.

[note: Chris Conway is somewhat of a mythical character for me and so repeatedly shows up in dreams. Once when i actually was in Disneyworld with my family, we ran into him and his family. Being from wakefield, massachusetts, this was highly unlikely. i dont remember the exchange, except that it was short, but i guess that surprise has stuck with me. or, was that a dream too?]

As Chris Conway reminded me, i found myself reliving the experience. I was now driving either with him or with Greg Anderson through rolling hills. the car went over a huge hill like a jump and we were meant to come down and crash land (as part of the remembered experience) and we were attempting to lean correctly so taht neither of us would land on our heads. at this point, though, the car was an air tube that i deftly noticed was shaped like an infinity sign. I was correctly seated in it, but he was not , i guess he was just holding on.

as the ground came closer during out landing, it gave way to new hills, and we never landed. we started flying or gliding down hill after hill, and it was beautiful. the hills turned into more hills and many things. at one point we flew over a still pond connected to the hills. it might have been man made. we knew we could come down whenever we wanted - we had enough control over our vessel at this point - but we kept flying. Let's keep going! We were excited to see the beautiful landforms and ... the next thing we flew over was an infinite cliff, like in crouching tiger hidden dragon. I was suddenly filled with dread because it was so steep and i knew our air filled vessel would not last forever. we did not want to float out into infinity on a vessel that would not last. the cliff was cloudy but i felt its incredible height from the ground, and i thought about falling all that way, and decided that we should get off at the pagoda on the cliff. We jumped from the vessel onto the pagoda's roof, rather clumsily, but we made it.

this is where things get fucking interesting. we noticed we were dressed differently. and that we knew karate! i felt the same, but when I looked in some kind of invisible mirror, there i was in hologramy purple sparkles and yellow pants and it was so strange. [ i think my skin was purple or something. my hair was anime, i was a character in something... a video game! seeing myself accompanied by music and sound fx, dressed like a halloween genie or something with shiny stuff on my face and perfect hair and purple skin... these words dont describe the essence of how i felt.... I felt supernatural. as if i were looking into more than just a mirror. i was looking through it at my own essence.] in the dream i recognized taht i must have turned into a video game character and began to test it out. it was true... i could do things and move in ways i didnt know before. And they were sort of locked into place. i ran across a thin edged roof and did a back flip onto a nother roof. This blessing did not come without responsibility. my new character and ability to move acrobatically now was meant to fend off the bad guys, whoever they were. They popped up from anywhere, hidden in the jungle gym looking pagoda. one girl came up to me, asian, in a red kimono. she swung her leg but was too far away. i kicked her in the face and she fell. Chris Conway or Greg Anderson, who was my counterpart in this adventure, now appeared in sight, dressed similarly in a red and yellow kimono, and we nodded to each other, aware of our new status. the reason i dont know which person it was is that now he looked like neither of them. he was square jawed, square bodied, more like a video game character or cartoon.

[analysis: i think this dream may have been about regaining control in my life. I have not had a cigarette in more than 4 or 5 days, getting over a tough cough and chest congestion, recuperating and feeling more in control.]

I woke up and was about to go back to sleep to dream some more of this great and interesting dream, but i decided i should try to write it down, lest I sleep and forget it forever.