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more dreams

Industrial Acoustic
Jan 16, 2010


We were a group of 7 or 8. My parents and some friends. Pa was there with us. We were at a restaurant or some social place. a fair amount of movement and noise. I was close enough with the bartenders that I could go off and have my own conversation with them, which I did. It may have been here that the kid borrowed the 25 bucks?

Pa was wearing grey slacks and a small plaid shirt.
There was dancing of some sort. I think i stayed a the bar. I dont actually remember any dancing, but I remember that Pa went to a corner to sit down while something more active happened in the center of the room. He came back through the din of people at the restaurant and they all started to notice the back of his shirt which was brown with burn spots. Pa didnt seem to notice, and that worried us. He had apparently burned himself on a heater he was sitting against and had fallen asleep. we started to filter out of the place to take Pa somewhere else. I told Dad and Mom that it had reminded me of a certain time when Ma was alive.
We were standing in an open empty lobby near a ticket window. the glass doors were there. It resembled high school. I turned around and there was a multiplex. It was called the 13 something, but it was a 3D theatre. I assumed they called it 13 just to sound cooler and more.

this reminds me of other times i've gone to the movies in my dreams. there was once a multiplex decked out like a wedding cake. many floors of huge theatres with decorated balconies, red carpets. Like a casino of movies, and although you had to buy tickets, I always seemed to have a ticket for a show beginning right now!

I walked into the 13 megaplex. its lobby was empty. I looked out the doors, where an employee was bolting up one set of doors with some big wooden wheel or something. I opened the door that had not been bolted shut, the one at the far end, and exited into....

vehement! vehement! he kept saying in this weird tight lipped pissed off way, as he sprinted after the kid. This angry man had been getting a haircut, or a shave, when we walked in to the empty bar. The man resembled the Rock. the kid was also shorthaired and a little beefy. the kid was slightly younger than me. he had been my guide up these hills, which were steep, green but populated with poor people living in filth and doing various activities for work. one group of 5 or 6 little kids we trekked past made the most interesting music together, what i would call industrial acoustic, singing in unison over the hum of their tools, which may have been anything from electrical sanders to saws, to stuff scraping metal scraps. (actually in english, as i heard a phrase I understood) they were perched around the hood of a broken down car, so I assumed they were fixing it. or living in it.
There were many other people living in the hills, in corrogated aluminum shacks and the like. I know this because as I was hoofing it down the hill to escape the wrath the vehement guy, I had to stealthily jump over structures and bushes and people, trying not to crash into anyone but also running at top speed. The kid behind me had the vehement guy right on his tail. Neither of them was letting up. At first, at the top of the hill just outside the bar, the kid started following me. They were speaking a different language, but I understood the gist. The Rock was asking if he was the kid who'd borrowed 25 bucks before. I knew he was going to recognize the kid,and i knew the kid was going to run. So i began to run first, and the kid followed me. I looked ahead and thought it was a dead end, but luckily it wasn't. I almost went the wrong way, but knowing the kid was following my every move, the trail i burned had to be the right one. I "oopsed" and corrected myself, making sure to run faster than the kid so that i wouldn't slow him down. we were all running at top speed. we began down the hill, first through a wood deck and then down windy streets. at one point the chase became so intense I simply leapt off the side of the hill.

I was flying, first over the steep hills of poor people, then into a clearing. it was like a desert, spacious and geological. I was flying like a kite and with other kites and birds. the kites had interesting designs, one was a sort of cross hatch of white bands, looked like a celtic design. I had to make sure the large seagulls swooping down didnt snag me for a snack. There was music and it was beautiful. navigating the air was easy but not fool proof.

things i liked most about this dream were obviously the flying and simultaneous spontaneous naturally occuring music; as well as the industrial acoustic sounds of the children at the car on the hill. I liked the detail of the hill of people, although i cant recall it all now.

[more after brief waking moment whereby the cat (Phillip) stood outside my door yowling until I had to close it into another part of the house]


I was late for school. I opened a door into a long steep narrow room that was mostly grey. instead of lecture hall seating, it was pillows or something. I checked a small pillow down the big pillow incline and it landed and skimmed right off a glass of wine, splashing a little on some papers. I ran or bounced or slid down to the bottom, and there was eric laurits lying down on a table next to the wine and papers, relaxing. I told him i did not mean to hit the wine, but that it always seems to happen that way. he chuckled. I said maybe this isn't the right way to class. Then a girl entered through the door at the top and we could hear her heels, and make a joke, "or maybe it is" which elicited another chuckle. It was Beth perkins, wearing a marroon shawl which i found attractive. She came down to the floor of the room and we guessed that maybe we werent going the right way. but all three of us decided to go forward anyway. we left the room through the adjacent door and entered new spaces... hallways, glass doors, maybe a department store... an alarm may have gone off, a voice on the loudspeaker. yes, we were in violation of something. we started to run. eric booked it and we lost him. I ran faster than beth but stopped and waited for her. She caught up and took my hand. we ran together holding hands. we ran back to where we were supposed to have gone in the first place. the loudspeaker again came on and said "3 ___ cleared" and that was somewhat relieving. "we've been erased from their records," I said to beth "so we're not a problem anymore" and beth said "but eric never came back, he made it through, so maybe he'll be a problem in the future" === the idea implicit was that beth and I would reregister or whatever we had to do to be counted, keeping the system accurate.
As we were waiting for something, a film about two chipmunks who fall in love with each other came on. (or were they hedgehogs, or squirrels) I was a little embarrassed to be watching it there with Beth, because i thought it might be too obvious a parallel.

Later on, Laura, Tommy, and someone else.. who were these people? Tommy guessed accurately that the footage was in slow motion.

This had a whole story to it that i've forgotten now.