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more dreams

Dec 1, 2008


They were imposters. They had to be. it wasn't fair that i should be dragged kicking and screaming into some asylum-like bldg against my will, all of a sudden, for no reason.

I had been taking a pleasant walk through a wooded area with an asphalt path. on the side of the path there were various discarded little things that I noticed and took interest in, and began collecting. Mostly, coins. someone had left so many old coins lying there on the ground. It was fun to collect old coins, to ponder the time stain of darkened oxydation/musk and then to read the date imprinted on each of them: the older the date, the greater the reward. I had found coins in previous dreams, sometimes lying together, sometimes singular and separate. The coins may have represented value and reward, but they never represented currency. Once I had found a pile of coins behind a loose stone in a basement wall. Usually, a pile of coins was a more dangerous scenario because they were more likely someone else's collection I was coveting.

Along the path, these coins were not lying all in the same spot, but I managed to collect 6 or 7. One was not a full piece; some of the coin had been chipped off, so I discarded it. Another was rectangular, and it was chipped too. I examined it a little more. It was a bar of chocolate. I had to be careful not to collect chocolate instead of coins, or they would melt in my pocket and cause a mess.

Further down the path I found a discarded stone pot. the texture was similar to a dish my parents own. brown, spotted, stone. rather attractive for a dish, in a kind of rustic or perhaps medeival way. The stone pot turned out to be a tea kettle. the top of it was a grenade. not a real grenade, it was just a lid that looked like a grenade, The grenade part lowered all the way into the tea pot. it wasn't a very practical design, and the idea was rather tacky. But i had never seen a stone tea kettle, much less one with a grenade lid, so i collected it.

This sparked danger, and as i neared the end of the path, a car door opened slightly, a window rolled down, and a woman asked me for my name, date of birth, and social security number.

"I dont have to tell you a goddamn thing," I shouted over increasingly loud music, coming first from her car radio, and later from everywhere. "you dont just ask people that out of nowhere."

"I'm a doctor and-"

"I dont give a fuck who you are, you have no right, leave me the fuck alone!"

She followed behind me, stepping on my heels with clunky boots like ski boots that didnt quite fit her. I turned around and slapped her on either side of the face, forcefully. She frowned but was undeterred. Someone else was with her and together they managed to restrain me. All the while the music grew louder.

Now i saw the music video. It was Prince and some woman singing some loud indy rock song.

"That's not Prince!" I yelled, "he wouldnt make such a shitty song!"
I never listened to Prince, never had any of his albums, never even knew much about him, but from the little I did know - a couple personal anedcotes and a song or two - I had respect for him. This was not a Prince song. it was some imposter just like this woman trying to sequester and sedate me.

I forget now the chorus line of the song, but it was apparently cheesy and lame, and in protest I yelled/sang at the top of my lungs in syncopation:
"Who - - in their right mind would write such a bull shit song - a bull shit song"
"Who - - in their right mind would write such a bull shit song - a bull shit song"

I woke up in a jolt, gasping for breath.

There was more to the dream that had happened prior to my walking in the woods, prior to my finding things on the ground. Something had put me there in that mild and peaceful place. Had i just been dropped off? had I finished talking to someone? that part is lost now.