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I'm on a boat
March 30, 2010

Bob Burk gave me the key to finesse an opening. the key was strange, a circular puffy thing that emitted powder. it had holes like a bucket sprinkler. at first i softly pushed it against the door and missed the mark (the door had the same pattern of holes) but second time i got it. Once in, we went looking around the old stuff for something. It was a room no one had been in for many years. In my dream i thought about the potential of ghosts, but the thought affected me no more than it does in real life. i dont think i knew exactly what we were looking for. a printer was making some of the same thing. it was some kind of large board, white with an image on it. I wondered why it was doing this in a dark locked room that had not been opened for years. We were a group of 4 or 5. We heard other people's voices, and we became quiet. We all decided that we did not have time to go hide, so we just ducked and lay against whatever we were touching, to try to blend in and not be noticed. Bob burk had his arms spread out over whatever he was touching. I noticed his shirt was a button down blue. He asked me if i wanted some gum, and threw me a piece, which i missed. come to think of it, that was a risky thing to do when the point was to be as quiet as possible. I dont think we got caught.

we were on a boat, which had holes in it. so it was the boat and the ocean. up and down and every which way, there were creatures in the ocean that wanted to eat us. we had to be nimble. not sure who we were, but there were many of us humans who had to help each other escape. the energy and movement of the scene reminds me of a rennaissance painting. There were some details i forget. I had to choose whether to help someone or not. and at one point someone had to choose whether to help me or not. our identities as humans were unclear, since we were swimming in the ocean with the rest of hte creatures.

one boat managed to escape, and i was on it, and we were motorboating through swamps and other landforms. the captain of the boat said he could not see, so i ducked down in front of the boat. There was a substance like water but thicker and browner that was creeping up. we were trying to speed away from it bcause we knew it was dangerous. eventually we could not go any farther, and the boat slowed. the captain said "get that chicken!" but I did not see a chicken. I thought he was delerious, but i kept an eye out. As soon as I actually did see the chicken i jumped down from the front of the boat (only a few feet) and chased the chicken up a tree. it was a white chicken, and smalll. It was so freaked out that before it hobbled up a tree, it dropped an egg. I did not want the egg right away but made note of it to find later. I climbed up the tree's tiny branches to reach the spot where the chicken was. There was another chicken there, a black one. I grabbed it and strangled it. I swear i'm not a racist. hah. it was the closer chicken. I felt really bad that I could not kill it instantly. I had wanted to simply twist its neck but it kept squirming, so i put it through a lot of pain before i finally killed it.

i was walking briskly towards the cineplex in Woburn, where 8 or 9 guys were waiting for the field trip leader. I knew them all, and I kept walking past them to go get my ticket, assuming there were no extra tickets and that everyone already had theirs. I asked to make sure. one of the guys was David my roomate from Iowa. Some of the other guys may have been floormates from that same year in college.
before i had gotten close to the cineplex, there was a field that i was four legged on, slithering like a snake or running like a cat, i'm not sure. when i was within eyesight i decided to get up and walk. there were some large yard ornament type of statues there in front of the megaplex. i forget what they were of. innocuous.