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Ice Wave
October 1, 2009


the ICE WAVE was overwhelming. Even I, who managed to escape it, partially by running but mostly by being in the right place at the right time, recognized how sudden, unexpected, and unforgivingly it had appeared. People I knew had undoubtedly been seized by it. People closer to the shore would not have had time to get away. They had warned us something about it on the news, but I dont think anyone, even the news, took it quite as seriously as we should have; probably because a wave of ICE didnt sound plausible. How's Ice gonna travel like a wave? Indeed, it didnt, but it did somehow show up in force and overwhelming presence.

I must have been in San Francisco because of all the hills, but sometimes in my dreams I mix landscapes, and these particular hills were taller than most hills SF offers. At the top of a tall wide hill that formed a crest between my neighborhood and the ocean, I climbed to see the damage done by the ice. It was now a new feature in the natural landscape of San Francisco, a glacier that showed up unexpectedly, devastatingly, but now sat there silently waiting to be melted under subsequent suns. I took windy paths to get there, paths often made of cobblestone. Cobblestone was a feature of the Guanajuato callejones, and even in my dreams there is a certain pedestrian comfort I find in their composition.

While making my way through the cobblestone pathways to get to the view of the Ice glacier waiting at the edge of town, I thought about a short film I had just seen. I knew the girl in it, and I knew that she got fully undressed and danced erotically in it. Not particularly arousing, because it was an old kind of film, in black and white, and what was considered arousing back then would not be now. I was contemplating playing it for the survivors of the ice wave, but realized that little 8 year old _____ (a little girl I knew) would shriek when she saw the nudity. Her mother would complain, and so maybe the film should not be shown.
It was morningtime I think, because there were not many people on the street, and i faintly recall passing a house on a cobble stone path where two friends were still sleeping.

I saw shots from this film. Interestingly, when i view shots from a movie in my dream - this has happened before - the shots just appear as sight. they are not framed within a tv or movie theatre screen. They are full vision, or at the very least full vision with black margins to indicate the frame. The mechanism or viewing device, though, is never seen.

One shot: a father is driving the car down a road; we see his POV, the rearview mirror. the objects in the rearview mirror scroll down: a bush, a tree, the street, whatever. The scroll looks like it has been given smooth cam or something to align the pixels, such that the scroll down really looks like a reordering of pixels, some static, then wiping away to reveal new patches of static pixels. Around this shot, there sunny road seen through the windshield, to act as a border to the rearview mirror, and this portion of the shot is scrolling up.

Another shot: The previous POV cuts directly - I see the cut happen - to the POV of the rearview mirror itself. No longer is there a border around the mirror comprised of windshield and sunny road. Now full sight is the mirror itself. the static pixel phenomenon continues, and I think to myself how innovative! for an early filmmaker. I noticed that the voice of the father driving was my father's voice.

I saw just a glimpse of the ice glacier at the edge of town. I had seen it through an opening in the cobblestone paths, but was later caught up in talks with the girl who got naked in the film. the glacier had looked oafish, out of place. It was semi transparent, certainly not stark white. It was smooth and glistening in the sun.