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more dreams

I made Louis C.K. laugh


I was working at a restaurant or cafe, a place with black tables and fairly dim lighting. I was comfortable, so i must have worked there a while. Louis CK was a customer and I was clearing a table nearing the end of the night. there was still activity in hte establishment and people between Louis and me. He was standing and I was too, while the people between us were sitting. It was like a makeshift duo stand up. My position as employee of the establishment I suppose gave me a sense of confidence and ownership in the space. He was talking about something (to me specifically, i think, because were having a conversation, although with room for other people to jump in) that prompted me to suggest my theory that homosexual people were generally smarter than straight people. He then said something in acknowledgement to suggest that I thought i was smart. I explained to him that it wasn't I who I thought was a cut above, but that my brother is gay and also very intelligent and applied in his field, while I merely worked at a restaurant and didn't do anything particularly useful with my time other than ogle women. He acknowledged with a response that I dont remember. I suggested that because gay people don't have it easy from an early age and are met with resistance by mainstream society, the challenge of finding ways to be accepted and integrated prompts their brain to be more creative and entrepreneurial from the get-go. Louis found this somewhat enlightening, like he hadn't thought about it as much as I had.
"And," I added, "I have the impression that they are generally more intelligent not only for that reason of overcoming societal resistance, but also..." I had something else, but i forgot. "Ah fuck, i forgot what i was going to say. If i remember later I'll let you know." I said somethign to this effect, perhap a bit longer, but fluidly and quickly, and it made him laugh as he was walking out. It was as if I'd had forgotten my bit. Perhaps it was a comedian's worst nightmare I'd just performed unwittingly. Certainly, it was something he didnt expect, and the laugh was more of surprise than anything. I tend to be funny by accident, like a clumbsy cat. He turned back and said smiling, "now i'm curious."

Later I was pouring 3 chocolate desserts, liquid like mocha but supposedly it was ice cream, into large clam shells. one for me, one for my mom, and one for my dad. I was expertly balancing 3 mugs on top of eachother to pour the contents from them into the clam shells, where the substance congealed into ice cream. I had found the right moment to incline the cups so as to transition from 'stuck to the sides' to 'pouring correctly'. My dad dug into one of the clam shells early because he loves ice cream. He scooped more for himself. I was tolerant.