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Hunting Kevin, The Raccoon


For the second time, we were hunting kevin. Kevin was Maite's brother or cousin, a rabid raccoon. I had remembered successfully catching him the first time, but this time we needed to kill him with large rocks. We were in the back yard of 22 parker calling out his name with the help of a guide, a pretty girl who apparently had a crush on me, because when she went to access the raccoon-calling app in her phone, i saw her screen saver which was a picture of me and her kissing, a profile shot of my arm wrapped around hers, and we're outlined in the dark by a backlight. Since that had never happened, i assumed it wasn't me, but then she said embarrassedly "just so you know, i dont love you, that was just for fun,". I said, oh, that was me? you're pretty good with photoshop, better than me I think. then she showed me the video she had shot before of the first hunt, and at which opint she paused the image and photoshopped it. We had been in a swimming pool, looking for Kevin. it was dark. Most of this dream was at night.
I liked the photoshopped image, and I liked the girl too, but i made sure that Maite did not realize it. Maite was in fact Karla when I looked at her. We continued with the hunt, calling out for Kevin. He appeared at the back porch steps at 22 Parker, scurried up the steps and i tried to pound him with a rock but he was too fast. He was squirly and made an ugly sound and scraped my head and ran away. I had failed, probably because I wasn't concentrating as much as the first time, probably thinking too much about the photoshopped image that girl had produced, and now i worried that i may have rabies.
at some other point in the night, Kevin was a person, and he was in a swimming pool doing some kind of activity that involved saying something repeatedly that became very annoying. I was in the pool with him monitoring him like a babysitter, and he kept saying something repeatedly that was annoying. I told him to stop. He didn't stop.