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House at the end of the swamp
July 22, 2011


ting was with me in my dream. the dream was a mixture of places. i never lasted long at one or another place. I think i was referencing past dreams' landscapes and locations. one by a swamp, that was in iowa but sometimes it was in mexico, and even san francisco. i think in this dream it was a place north of san francisco. other people i knew were around, and some i didnt know. there was one other girl that I was not that interested in, but when ting was ignoring me i paid her some attention, always thinking about ting and wondering what she thought/felt.
at one point ting and I were talking together, and she was not hostile or silent, but she spoke softly and one thing i really wanted to hear that she said she didnt say loud enough, and i was embarrassed to ask her to repeat what she said. I felt the deficit of her interest in communicating with me.
there was a house at the end of the swamp that stacy's parents owned, and apparently her brother was going to stay there for a while. but i wished i could stay there, and maybe by october he would be gone? that's when my lease ends. I could move in there, it would be interesting. I think i was trying to get ting to live with me there. but mostly i was just happy to be talking to her and wanted to keep it up.