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Homies In Guanajuato


i was in guanajuato, again. it had become a place of reunion [i had glanced at an exchange between Celia and Carlota on Facebook, talkinga bout reunion in guanajuato]. I thought of sending Ben Klein a text message to let him know i was back there, in case he was too, or wanted to come back. John Hayes was there. Tim Caffrey was there. No one felt partcularly like an outsider or foreigner. Julia Fornier was there, i spotted her walking in procession. i exclaimed, Julia Fornier! i had no idea you were here. She, just like tim caf and jon hayes, seemed comfortable enough where they were. I on the other hand was frustrated. at one point i was sitting with julia against a wall, and there was her long haired cat with us. I was petting it and saying what i missed about the united states. everything here is cobble stone, and people dont speak your language, and… cats.. something about the cat was american. i guess we didnt have pets in guanajuato (here guanajuato was representing the city, as is Madrid for me now). later i was driving my car, i guess it was the geo prism, through some crowded grassy area where other cars were trying to get in and out. the grassy area was partly burnts and dead, and other parts were green. I drove on the green part and worried that i would be pulled over by the cops who i saw were close by, both in cars and on motorcycles. i was doing what i had to do, though, in order to get out of the lot. in trying to maneuver, I drove forward, away from a car that was bumping me, and in doing so i wasnt looking in front of me and bumped into that person who was facing me. it was a mess, but i eventually got out of there. the road was not flat, had some dips and i worried that my tire might get stuck in one of them, or that the bottom of the car would scrape against the higher parts. once out of the area, i began driving, looking for a place to park, remembering that guanajuato was notorious for there not being anywhere to park. I spotted Jon Hayes and was trying to get his attention to get into the car, partly because i felt that he should have some company while he was waiting, and partly because i needed the company, and the help in finding a parking space. I think i was smoking while driving, and the smoking was becoming a nuissance, something in the way of my concentration.