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more dreams

Hold Your Breath

I was playing in the waves at Ocean Beach, with Ting. This one wasnt a ting lookalike, nor someone who represented her, or some hybrid. this was Ting. She sat on a beach towel right before a 4 foot ledge of sand, while I bodysurfed the waves. The waves were high but not dangerous, until the last one. it grew and grew, and for a split second, I didnt know whether it would be better to go towards it and try to pass it before it broke, or to outrun it. I certainly didnt think it would reach Ting on the beach. But then it grew more. I ran up on the beach and grabbed Ting. "Baby! Baby! " I grabbed her face and held it close to mine. we looked at the wave. it kept growing and approaching. "I need you to hold your breath for me." Ting looked worried. I was confident we could get through this - that it would only be a little water, a bit of a splash- until the end, when i saw the actual height of this wave. the top of it, looking like a teetering edge ready to crash down, was as high as the highest bird could fly. it inched directly over us, and I knew this one might kill us.

earlier in the night, i was speaking spanish. I was in guanajuato, and wandering around some part of town that was on the more shabby side. i came upon a house that had some tool out on the porch, like a plaster knife and some shiny crystal looking rock that when you tamped it down became an adhesive paste. I thought maybe i could make some money, so i asked the person there, i think it was a man, if he needed a job done, that i could do it. he nodded and brought me around to show me. ultimately, I made suggestions about the work that turned out to be more sensible than what he had told me about where to do the work, but either way i wasnt sure i was going to get paid for it. so i asked. the job was basically to put some gingerbreadman looking paper cutouts on some mail slot. i had originally put the adhesive stuff down in the wrong place, so i had to scrape it up again, and i felt as though the job was time sensitive, or the paste would dry and there would be no more adhesive to use. communication seemed slightly strained.