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Hiding Uncreatively


there was a heist to happen, and we were all sort of milling about, knowing shit was going to hit the fan soon. we were 15 or so people and 4 or 5 cars. when we heard a siren and an explosion and some oter things, we knew it would be happening. people started to file into cars, but some milled about longer. it was rather disorganized. the cops came and we ran because we didnt have a car to get into. i saw one car come blazing around the corner and a cop car from another angle, and i knew they would crash, causing difficulty in our getting out of there. we hid behind a pile of rocks. we hid among what appeared to be a stockpile of yoga mats or futons, rolled up like bails of hay. i pulled one closer and more vertical to cover me. I was with two other people whom i didnt know too well. we were waiting there a while, talking softly, wondering if we would get caught. the car chase had already progressed far away, but I knew it was a matter of time before we were found.

One of my cohorts said "there he is" when he spotted the police officer walking through the neighborhood among the residents. they were probably asking him questions. He was a neighborhood cop. I rmember the moment i saw him. He peeked behind the pile of boulders and our eyes made contact through the yoga mat. He had long hair in a ponytail and a mustache, a little heavy, looked a bit latino or native american. as soon as he spotted me i emerged from the yoga mats, at first slowly but then obviously running away, I slipped down about 10 feet of sheet rock and landed on something, then another 10 feet to reach the ground. once on the ground--- [alarm clock]

--I went back to sleep for half an hour and i was with STacy and Graz, still running, but this time from two other people who were trying to find us. not sure what they had on us... could they have been connected to the utter LOOT I found on my bed at home in 22 parker? someone had left quarter rolls and music and other things there... some lights on.... I stuffed it all into my bag... i had returned home from my place of work after putting on my apron briefly, then taking it off and hanging it again, because i forgot something important, like my name tag or my mp3 player. [my mp3 player was black in this dream, like the earlier Sansa versions]. I knew i would be late by half an hour or so, and i couldnt remember whether I had clocked in or not --- was hoping i had alrady clocked in, since there was no leadership and i didnt have to tell them that the first half hour was spent at my house trying to gather things.

I was afraid the person who had left this stuff would come back for it soon, so i got a little spooked when i heard noises in the house. all in all, i think the coast was clear. I had probably 50 bucks in my bag worth of quarters and other things.

I went to my brother's room and some thigns were left there too, but i couldnt tell if those were his things or some stranger's. there were black leather sheathes on his floor, little crappy ones you'd take with you camping that you might have found at an army surplus store.

I heard a humming noise and thought someone must have left a computer on and it was overheating. I wondered if the people who had beeen here had left on something important and revealing. I opened the door (it was the TV room's closet door, and inside was [a decent sized room] with multiple electric fans blowing at something in the middle of the room. I knew this was my dad's project... some enamel or something he was trying to dry by the morning. I considered for a moment turning off the fans and letting just TIME do what he was trying to do, but then figured he knew what he was doing, and i guess the fans blowing was necessary in his time scheme for finishing the project.

Stacy and Graz and I were running away from these two people who were our age, dressed darkly, and ... not sure what they wanted. not to KILL us... but either way, finding us was not something we wanted. we ran into one building that looked like it might have had a janitor in it somewhere. was a middle school or something. there was a section that was all porcelain, like a giant bathroom. I hid behind a couple walls, but i was hiding in all the most conventional spots... not very creative hider. they eventually found us and i think we just kept on running away...

[note: the emphasis on climbing and hiding over running probably has to do with my run yesterday through GG park, up and down strawberry hill, etc]