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more dreams

Hidden Sex At Work Day

it was "have sex at the office day" and ting and I both worked in the same place, which looked at one point a lot like the hallway between the elevator and the dishwashing at Whole Foods. plywood walls, cardboard boxes, things crammed in compartments, half falling out. apparently it was ok to have sex anywhere in the building, as long as you didnt get caught. (and it was ok if you got caught, but the game was to try not to). I was shy and Ting did not say anything... I was looking around at spaces and imagining doing it here or there... when i found one i thought might work i looked at Ting but she made no comment and seemed not to be into it. some thoughts ran through my head... that i'm not sexy enough for her, that we're not crazy like that... i felt bad for not being able to inspire it in her.

ting did not want me anymore. she was off with some caravan of friends who kept moving around, and then finally doing something in my front yard at 22 parker that involved climbing in trees and tubes coming down from 50 feet in the air, like the icing guns for a cake or something. it was some kind of pretend game they were playing with children who passed by, pretending there were tornadoes coming or something. I looked at the flash cards that one of her friends gave to me, they had odd scenarios or things to tell the children when they came. this was supposed to be a game of some sort , but I didn't find the appeal in it. the guy friend of hers who was trying to get me to come along was blond with glasses, short.

I was still trying to make Ting talk to me and like me. I followed her to New York City to try to talk to her. I checked into a hotel. It was still "have random sex anywhere day", because one of the receptionists taking my information was a girl who made eyes at me and smiled and i think she wanted to have sex. I was not intererested, although she was pretty. Then later the guy receptionist was asking me if i was ready to pay. I had forgotten how much per night it was, but i'm sure it was more than 100. And i was about to stay 6 days, because i thought in that time i would be able to find ting and get her back. But then i realized how much money that would be, and she didn't want me anymore anyway, i already knew that.
i backed out and decided not to stay. i went back out on the street to begin to go home.