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more dreams

Haunted house, I can fly

i was describing to a girl who was a friend of my brother and who lived in the house we were in (and whom i think i had just arrived with some other people) that the house was haunted. I had seen ghosts and felt presences, and i told her "i'm not typically that scared of houses, but i'm telling you there are ghosts in this one. you see, I have special abilities, i can fly." - "oh really? fly?" - "yes, not like superman, but i can hover for a little while, for like... " - "10 minutes?" - "yea, like 10, or like 7 minutes."

I remember thinking to myself "is that true? it doesnt sound true. why do i think i can fly? but i really can. i mean, i can virtually make it happen whenever i really try. how is that possible?"

As I was thinking this, I dont think i realized i was dreaming, or that flying only happened in my dreams.

I'm pretty sure a lot of scary haunted stuff happened at first, but i dont remember details.