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more dreams

Gypped in Arkansas

I think we were in arkansas. I had brought some dead or almost dead ducks and geese with me, planning on eating them, but never got around to it. One was covered in a silk boot that I had put on it, and was suffocating. It eventually fell over and died when i touched it. another's beak was moving slightly and I tried to save it too, but it was dead. they had a purple crusted sheen on them, probably derived from oil spill imagery. i was not too sad but a little dissappointed that i had forgotten to eat them before they rotted and started stinking up the room.
I had other things on my mind, like how hot the mother of this kid I had come to visit was. the kid was a coke dealer a i think. earlier he had been a girl who had flirted with me and then ambushed me into a crap drug deal. (way less than i paid). When i tried to stand up for myself and say this was bullshit and take the drugs and the money back until i could count out the right amount, this little kid said something to the effect of oh you dont know who i am. and he called up someone who came immediately, a car with some gang members, they hustled me into the car and I think that's how they brought me to the house. anyway, the mom was hot, and walked around in a blue and white bikini. after a while I wasn't really hiding it anymore. I would nudge myself against her and the like. she finally asked me "are you attracted to me?" and I said yes. and she was pleased. we were going to have sex but her kid just came home. She distanced herself but gave me a flyer that showed the kid was going to have a show tonight and he wanted me to go to it. I had told him that I might not be there because i might be leaving soon.

it was either in this dream or in other deja vu dreams where i've attempted to bicycle away from arkansas and this scene which involves hills and residences similar to glen curry/mike hannaford's neighborhood, only to find the bike an inefficient escape device. sometimes i am even still a paperboy in the dream. I think that may have been another night though.