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more dreams

Guanajuato has changed

a long strange nightmare, derived from discomfort and unease sleeping with Maite, and possibly too much beer.

Guanajuato was the setting, but it had changed so much. there will still steep hills, one on which my house was located, and getting back to it was nearly impossible, what with all the webbed feet fleet and the dead people.

at one point I was boarding a bus. the specific space where i waited for the bus looked like the northeast corner of the overpass down by michael hannaford's house, on my old paper route. that dark little space where i would sing or whistle every tiem to hear my own echo. the light came out of a corner from the sky and it was there that I waited for a bus. on a bench, there was a white girl with straight hair, maybe 5'9" with meaty thighs hanging out under a mini skirt. she was on her back, laid out on the bench, with Her head drooping over the side of the edge of the bench. I said nothing but dug my chin further into my collar and boarded the bus.

Guanajuato had changed. it was so futuristic, so urban. If there werent flying cars, there was the longitudinal equivalent; steep pedestrian bridges, skyscrapers, round buildings, sharp buildings, all densely packed together. Each neighborhood was its own fortress and getting from one to the other was a feat. I ascended a coblestone path that I knew would take me to my house, but someone warned me that the people with webbed feet would not allow it. the cobblestone territory was theirs, and in deed it was as wet and slippery and mossy as they were.

Later at that same bus stop, i was shocked to see the girl was still there, in the same position. a week must have passed. she was certainly dead. and no one did anything about it? no one called the police? This is outrageous. I dug my chin further into my collar and with much consternation, got on the bus.

This is not the first 'reimagining' of guanajuato that i've done. in other versions, there is always something i'm trying to find or get to, but always having difficulty.