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more dreams

Glowing Red Tiger


i was in a place that resembled my backyard but it wasnt my backyard because i got lost, like i had done when i was here before. everthime i came here, i parked my car somewhere and then couldnt find it again. it's not like the place was huge... it was only a few lots, separated by rows of trees. it was getting dark though, and i couldnt see into the corners of the lots. there were some other people there this time, observing at first an elephant but then a lion lying on the asphalt in the middle of a parking lot. he was just sleeping. it was a hot summer night. I went to try to find my camera because i had just had it. did i leave it in the car? where was the car? i aI am always unprepared at the most crucial moments. I saw a tigeer who saw me. and he started to inch down the tree. I felt i might be in some danger, so i headed for the house on the premises. whoever lived there knew me but we had a sort of working relationship I didnt always have to say hi to them, but sometimes i would. I tried to climb on their shed roof but it was too flimsy. I looked again the first lot, their front yard, for my car... still couldnt find it. I went back... what looked like a black puma started towards me from the forest, so i turned and ran, but realized i could not run as fast, so i acted aggressive. the puma was then a black guy with dreads and a baseball cap. I put up my fists ready to swing but he popped into a hole that had a wooden lid. there was some underground tunnel system apparently, and I suspected that some drug deals happened here. I think i scared him just as much as he did me, because he did not emerge again from the hole. I stamped on it in cadence, chanting and clapping "c'mon mother fuckerc cmon. cmon motherfucker cmon" to scare him away. confidence and agression coupled with cadence, seemed to make sense. i bet that's where some music has origin too. (note for d. levitin)

i still couldnt find my car, or my camera. and it was a damn shame, because what i saw then was beautiful - a completely non-camoflauge tiger resting in an oak tree with his legs dangling over the sides. The way the sun illuminated him against the oak trees, he was as bright red as a cheese puff, and he was apparently in perfect repose. I was so adamant about finding my camera that i think he noticed my movements and sounds and started to wonder... then he got up and moved on, down a branch, somewhere else. I missed a beautiful shot.