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Girl of my Dreams


literally. She wore a multicolored sweater (darker colors, ochre, green, marroon, etc) and navy blue sweatpants, some kind of furry beige boots.. ugz? These were casual clothes, but she looked amazing in them. She had dry black hair, tied back with one elastic. She had a very accomodating reasonable voice, not too loud, not too soft, not scratchy. firm, but not overconfident. She knew she had it all so she didnt need much. We were sitting at a table towards the end of the dream, somewhere in our new house. There she said "I like you." I was cautious and shrugged. "ah, well, I like you too, for what i know of you." that made her smile. previously i had asked her if she had ever met a guy who was very attractive yet talked about something that completely turned her off. She mentioned some DJ she had met who only talked about his "samples".
earlier, i was drinking a beer in a swimming pool with her. I was cautious then too not to stare or to become too interested. there were others. We were all new housemates, apparently. I was wearing a bathing suit that was not mine, and i felt a little subconscious in it when I got out of the pool - didnt want to shrivel too much in front of her.
We had an adult who delegated cleaning tasks, a Shane character (if not Shane himself, it may have been). We were mostly girls but some guys. I liked that proportion. at one point we were driving through the city. It was San francisco, but it was like Iowa City. We drove past Hillcrest Dorms. Stacy and Will were in this part of the dream. Stacy still lived in LA, and i guess Will had just moved to the city with Carlos. Stacy said "There's Carlos," as we drove by Hillcrest. Will and Carlos were by a tunnel on the opposite side of the street. I was glad Will and Carlos were close by. I was glad to be with Stacy too, but i knew she was leaving soon. going hiking somewhere. She always had somewhere she was going.
At some point someone came with news that someone had been shot in the city. There were sirens and ambulances. I looked for a few seconds, either out the window of the car or the house, or wherever i was, but lost interest soon after. There was not much to see.
The new housemates and I had pizza one night, in a theatre. I was alone the next night, trying to get back to the group. I saw a piece of pizza on the stairwell. i picked it up and ate it. It was warm. They must have reheated it from the night before. I didnt worry about eating someone's piece though, because i knew they would all be ordering new pizzas tonight.
The rooms and stairwells were a bit grand, like a luxury hotel.
In that small room, the offshoot from the kitchen where other new roomates were talking and doing stuff - and before Shane walked in asking where __ _was (Luke? btw at which point the girl and I stopped what we were talking about and attended to business... I said we would make a note of it, and she started taking notes on a white piece of paper with a pen. she was so helpful. btw, this was not some subconscious secretary fetish thing... we were both very equal in this dream.) - before Shane walked in, i had asked her where we were... and where is the outer richmond in relation to us? I pointed in the air questioningly. She said she thought it might be that way, and why? and I said nostalgically that it was my first sf neighborhood. She became warm, and that's when she said "I like you."