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more dreams

Girl Buying Bombilla


commonly these days i’m dreaming a lot, and not always writing it down. somewtimes i dreasm too much to write down. sometimess the narratives are all over the place and not solid - would ake for a bad story. what inspires me to get up and do it today is the girl i met in my dreams. i feel this is signifi ant, expeically after a night of fihgting with maite. the girl was shot tand sweet, smiling always, a little bemused, but also just sweet. she was bushopping for bombillas for yerba mate I was with my mother but trying to get the girl’s attention. Some other guy came along and asked a question into the air, or maybe to the girl. The girl said “these are my favorite,” signialling to the bombillas argentina with bulbous filters at the end. I had found my own favorite, the more utilitarian types i had found in SF. The one this store had though was not claaned and brown and gunky on the inside. still, i said, “this is MY favorite” and was very confident in it, and happy i had found one. The girl smiled. and i was pratially in love at that moment,. such a beautiful girl with an ovious dly sweet dispostion who was my physical type - long straight black hhair, brown eyes, ntan, nice face, formally dressed (skirt, black tights). We all parted but i was hopeful that i would se e her again, that this little exchange was the beginning of something longer.

there were many other dreams, i’ll try to rmember them….

I was explaining to a teacher that looked a bit like Mr Mayo, curly hair, thin, a little nerdy. he was sitting across the table, and after a projection or video of some kind, i wanted to explain how i identified with it. Mr Mayo may have turned into a woman by the time i was done saying what i said, but i basically said: It’s interseting, they say as you get older you get more thirsty. Older men get thirstier, older women get hungrier. The teacher cut me off and said “eso no se dice” - signalling to the old man in a bathrobe who was sitting next to her. But the fact was he was nodding his head to what i said, so i didnt feel so bad about it, only about not being able to express my sentiment. So I nodded and smiled awkwardly and continued, “but it’s interesting because I identify with it. I’m not 19 and invincible anymore… at 35, I feel the presssure of time, so I prioritize, I dont do some projects and instead i drink water. - or something like that. I was trying to express that i understand the squeeze of old age.