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more dreams

Ghosts, cocaine, recycling film
April 2, 2010


Schwarzenegger and Carl Castle were explaining the manufacture of a certain product, testing battery powered goods, as I watched the products, little figurines that looked like they were made of pearlized/frosted glass, lit and glowing, move and run themselves off the side of a floor into water. one was a chinese charriot, another was a tiger. I did not see either of the speakers, only heard their voice.

i was with Ben and Ramarti, and we were experiencing the presence of ghosts and trying to figure them out. They were scary until I realized that they were no longer conscious, no longer autonomous - they were simply mechanical. they could blow over you and through you and you could feel the wind from them, but hey weren't "alive" so to speak. When i realized this i tried to start explaining it, but broke out into song instead. i forget what i was singing. something repetitive. we were all lying down on something, maybe a pile of bodies.

Greg had leftovers form a previous filming event, and i had to look through a bin of styrofoam pieces and and film cannisters and whatnot to find the bits done by an actor who was going to show up to shoot a new scene. I was still looking through the bin when he did show up , but he was good natured and we were talking a litle about his last role. he reinacted it to help me find the pieces from the bin more easily. I forget the scene he was reenacting but I apparently knew it well too and could repeat it pretty well with him. I was accumulating the bits which were sticky black tar stuff that i would roll into a ball.

There was an indian woman who worked in Greg's office whom I had something going with. I'm not sure what i had going. it could have been sexual or it could have been simply a coke habit. For sure we were doing coke, because when Greg's wife came through the place (which was basically rooms divided by thin cloth tapices, she saw a plastic sandwich bag with a little coke left. She chuckled incredulously and asked me What is this? and I said Oh, that's cocaine. I took it from her and tried to sniff the rest of it. I apparently didnt care that she knew I did it, but i felt responsible for covering up for the Indian woman, whom i unknowlingly incriminated when Greg (or his wife?) went into the room and asked if I had seen her room and why was it like this? and i said, Oh, is it cocaine? He reacted surprised and repeated what i said, and i knew i had just incriminated the indian woman.
The power relationships were all the same as in real life: I was a freelancer with considerably more freedom than an in-house full time employee, so i knew it would be bad if Greg found out about the coke being done by employees.