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more dreams

Friends and Enemies
(exact date unknown) 2008


White spiders crawling among my mom's breadcrumbs.
It's my fault.

Someone was angry at me and threw a TV remote high into the air. we were in audience seating. it spun like a frisbee and returned to hit Greg Anderson square in the forehead, causing blood and subsequent havoc. Groups of people started moving at once, evacuating the auditorium, becoming boisterous and yelling. their cliques and loyalties became suddenly apparent.

In the moving they told me my brother was dead. I said "Oh God." and I thought Carlos. Then I woke up.

There had been a body of shallow still pool-like water outside the house.

Earlier in the night, someone was shouting at me. intruders had entered the house but I was unsure whether they carried paintball guns or actual firearms. I decided not to take my chances. My friends went hiding into the secret covey (a place that shows up frequently in my dreams) while I clung to the window sill from outside my 3-story house.