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more dreams

French Girls

i was with two french girls, one was blonde, the ohter was brunette with nice eyes. I was more into the brunette, but it was the blonde who was obviously interested in me, so i went along with both of them. I was speaking french! granted, i studied a little french in school, but didnt think i'd ever dream in french. anyway, i'm sure it was just a bunch of jumbled phonetics my mind told me was french. in fact, there were difficulties in translation and at times i had to repeat the word and have her explain.

There was a guy I thought was the brunette's boyfriend, but apparently not. so we all went to some bar and had margaritas. at one point we were at their house sort of lying down. and when i wasn't looking the blond came over to me and stuck her face in my crotch. I thought to myself - wow, whether men or women, the french are bold! - and i let it happen because it felt good. I was still trying to get the brunette's attention, and as we all had to go to class at some point, i tried to leave at the same time she did so that we could talk more.