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more dreams

Fire on the Coast


i was on the coast of san francisco. the hills were higher and with more dunes. (after briefly recalling Golden Gate Heights during a craigslist response yesterday, I probably had high steep views on my mind).

it was very beautiful, the dunes swayed in the wind. but they caught fire, and it became difficult to get down from the top of the land formation.

I was with a brown labrador, and i was worried about his safety. He was searching as frantically as I was for an escape route down the mountain, but more and more of the dunes were lighting up on fire.

I think Neo came into the picture at one point, jolly as he always seems to be. he wasnt as worried about getting down. i think he may have found the route that worked best.

later on, i was on a field, playing frisbee with Stacy. Somehow, throwing a frisbee meant making a song. So i was actually intentionally writing a song while throwing the frisbee. And the song was dedicated to Stacy, it was a very personal song.