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more dreams

Escaping to the Roof
Feb 10, 2010


there was some guy trying to kill us. it was an annoying dream because i had to sort of play nice with him, in order that he not kill me immediately so i could try to find a way to escape. it went on for a while. He was using razors and breaking glass windows and stuff. smiling and chuckling all the way through. i forget what he said. i guess the people he killed i wasn't too close to, because i was more concerned with not getting killed myself, and i think i even appeared to assist him in procuring the other innocents at one point. I went around the other side of a transparent shower curtain to sort of sheperd them in one place for the killer (but i was really getting as far away from him as I could possibly get) somehow, finally, I made it into another room of the house that had a window. (i'm not sure whose house it was... but it had carpeted floors and the like) the window was narrow. i remember thinking, now why the fuck would you make a window this narrow?
I actually managed to climb out and onto the roof, which is where the dream stopped. Good, though. Once i'm on the roof of a house i'm usually good to go. In real life, I've always enjoyed hopping around the roof of my house (and other people's houses). Somewhere between asleep and full awake I was thinking of weapons that would work well on the roof. a long spear. or I could just kick him off if he came up. but what if he grabbed onto my shoes. I'd have to make sure that didnt happen.

in fact some of the dreams that would most resemble nightmares, for example when my house was on fire and i was stuck on the roof - this actually was not a nightmare when i had it. I was in an advantageous place because i had a good view of my surroundings, trees close by, and I could climb around the house to find the right parts to get down.

climbing and flying are so different in my dream, but maybe they have similar aspects. one very grounded (although many times resembling Steve Martin's Roxanne acrobatics) and the other completely in the air, after an initial lift-off. perhaps it is the lift-off that matters. It is me moving in relation to the ground and the kind of propulsion i set for myself.