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Escape and Retaliation
Oct 2, 2009

there was one bad guy and about 300 innocent people. and one hero, me. although, i wasnt really a hero, i just dealt the fatal blow. I did it with help from Scott Leahy, whose balls I accidentally grabbed when i was groping around for a grip on the exterior of the house. and Tim Caffrey who had an electric guitar setup on the third floor of the house. the house was at least 3 stories, pastel blue.

we were in a communal room, and there was dancing and partying, milling about. the lights were low. I think it was my third floor room at 22 parker. but sometimes it was Walton school playground, and sometimes it may even have been Roller World. at one point, a guy with a gun stood up and fired some shots. he may have killed someone. Everyone fell silent, afraid to move. He was serious about shooting anyone that moved. He was white, with 70's hair, that kind of chin length flop and looks mildly femenine. (By the time we got him, he had turned into Uma Thurman.) He held the entire room hostage, and everyone was on the ground, hushed and frightened. I had an idea, to slip out the window and climb up the exterior of the house, climb into another room, grab a make-shift weapon, and save the day. I pointed at the window in one of two side rooms, and Scott Leahy said doubtfully that it was not possible. I motioned towards the WINDOW, to.. CLIMB UP.....Tim Caffrey caught my drift and decided to climb too. I was worried that we would make too much sound, but something was going on in another part of the main room that facilitated the move. I was also worried that tim or someone else would make too much noise. i was pretty confident i could do it stealthily. I quickly squeezed myself through the window and began to climb up an exterior shoot. the walls were close enough to eachother that i was able to shimmy up. Tim followed me. There were rappy blinds to be careful not to tangle our feet in. When we got to the higher floor, it was dark and quiet. Tim's guitar set-up was there. amps, a couple electric guitars, other stuff. "grab something heavy" I said. He grabbed something i had wanted for myself, so i went searching around for something else. a kitchen knife? no. i eventually found something, or not. in time we made it back into the darkly lit comunal room. the guy was still shooting bullets randomly, turning around in circles and shooting his handgun. everyone of course ducked and covered. I remember bullets coming close to me, but i was hidden behind someone else, so i was probably safe. and i had to sort of dance around his bullet trail. When i could get close enough, I lobbed one of his bullets back at him, and this actually seriously injured him. I aimed it well into his heart. Now he was delirious and stumbling, but people were still afraid of him. In one last move from behind I strangled him with a wire and blood started pouring out. strangely the blood resembled dark green watercolor paint. bubbly, thin. There was lots of it that spilled on me and on the floor. game over. lights on. It was Uma Thurman, an actress. She got up and, resigned to defeat ,took off some ribbed garment like a turtle neck or winter cap. I did not receive too much gratification for my saving the day, but i was glad it was over.

somewhere in there, Ting and I were at Walton School, circling the playground behind the backstop with tennis rackets in hand, looking for an open court. Even though Walton playground in reality has no tennis courts, there were 3 or 4 in the dream. They did not have real clear dividers. still gravelly like the one in real life. A grey haired man was there with some kids, also looking for a court. I ceded the open court/space we had found to him. He thanked me for my kindness. I justified his taking the space because he had kids.