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more dreams

Ecstasy Pills, The Chinese Army, other randomness.
Oct 26, 2009

we were in china.
we were at daniel kulp's father's dinner party.
i called him by his first name, John, when referring to him.
yasir and ahmed were there. it might have been their father too, since daniel was not in the picture.
i had a box of extasy pills that we all planned to eat, but not until we left the house so that we would not disturb the dinner party. unforunately, the plan did not work out, and people started getting rowdy, drinking and some had eaten the pills before we got a chance to leave the house. I was trying to keep the order. Stacy and I were arguing. Then stacy and someone else were arguing. Beth Perkins might have been there. ultimately i said that Stacy and I were in charge and she and I tried to figure things out. i said we needed to leave so that we could have the pills. Jim from the office said "everyone already had their pill, not much happened." I looked in the box and there were only 3 left. I decided what the hell, and ate mine.
but then i looked at yasir and ahmed, whose father it was having the party (john kulp) and said we should leave so that we dont ruin the party.

we were outside. yasir was smoking a joint. we were all sitting on the slope of a mountain. jason pietrafitta was there. some parkour was being taught. i saw someone run along a dried riverbank, the edge of it, seemingly defying gravity the way they do in kung fu movies.

then the chinese army showed up. they started killing peole and everyone outside began to run. Stacy and I and the group got up and started moving, and i said i didnt know what to do. Someone told me not to worry because we were not the ones they were after, it was the certain ethnic minority. one soldier took his spear and hooked 10 children together athrough the back. were they dead? they were moved, but then started running around again. they had hoods over their faces. one child protested, saying "we're not terrorists!" we watched as they speared little children in the back. Stacy saw it while i turned away. we began to run. stacy piggybacked on me as i ran down the hill.

i turned around and one soldier had his gun pointed right at us. i sped up and also maneuvered to try to make him miss. he was aiming at stacy. i spun around to take the bullet myself, hopefully in a part of me that would not kill me, but the arrow - it was an arrow - shot straight into Stacy's eye. she was shocked into silence and her head bowed. I pulled the arrow out of her eye and gasped "hold on to it!" and kept running, but feared she would die from the wound...

at another point in the night, i was fucking some woman. it was mutually understood that i had to stab her in the heart with a kitchen knife for some medical reason. i remember an exhilarating moment where my knife was dug inbetween her ribs. i held on to the knife and kept fucking. then somehow i was transported through her little digital camera to the footage she shot of a picnic or some kind of event. it was good footage, i noticed.