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more dreams

Driving out of the ocean
July 25, 2010

ting and I wer trying to escape my dream. ben was a ad guy part of hte eveil force trying to kl kill me within the dream. there was a whole establishment i was trying to evade. there was a lot about th ocean before. there was oil in the water. i had made a video about it. then i had tried to fixt he video or done another version. i waas there at the beach, glad that the only oil showing up was in tiny globules, tiny bits, but it was still disappointing.other people were in the ater too but gnerally i t was becoming getting to the point that it might not have been safe.

to escape the dream, we decided that to drive out of hit might have been the way, since swimnming wasnt working.

there was a field with parked cars. one was a nice chevy, old muscle car. we ecided to take that one and just drive it fast, up the hilll, sand in the tireds, peel out, etc. but when we dot there, ben was on our heels and knew our plan. "gonna drive out of here?" he said. Yea, think you can beat us?" the keys i had were not to the chevy but to this old car with a loose gear shift that i had trouble with. we were fenced in anyway, and unable to get of the field, lot. i think swimming had been our first tactice. were we swimming ?