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first time dreaming with a dragon, as far as i know. It was living somewhere around the house, in a nest, on 22 parker. there were many people in my house, and I was opening my bedroom window when i would get soething to eat, so that the dragon could smell it and get excited and come wreak havoc while i closed my window and hid somewhere. the last time i did it, it was during a storm so the dragon was extra agitated and it killed many poeople in the course of the night. and it didnt help that i was goading it with the smell of food. later Tim Caffrey basically took me to task for it, and pointed out the hypocrisy of exciting the dragon only to hide away while it killed other people who couldn’t hide. the next day i was still at it, still selfishly trying to get the dragon to come out so I could take a picture of it. Matt Hulett and Mike Capozzi were there the next day. the town was congregating to discuss the dragon’s slaugter. there was music playing and people were dancing, and it was maybe getting to be night again. I asked someone with a black t-shirt that had the dragon on it, or something written in green font in reference to the dragon, that they come be part of the picture. my actions felt like addictive behavior. I was addicted to instigatign the dragon, to watching it wreak havoc, kill people, break through windows, etc. that something as simple as allowing it to smell something i heated it up in the microwave would send it on a rampage was titilating and hard to resist.