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Running through DisneyGranadaJuatoFrisco in my socks.
Feb 20, 2009


i ws running through town in my socks. sweatshirt, black pans, black socks. it felt good to feel the earth on my feet. , even if it was concrete. i ran through town. at one point it was guanjuato, i was flying over guanajuato which was also san francisco. it was first san francisco and i was in a boat and videotaping. actually i was reiewing footage i had already shot fro when i was on the boat. it was shaky which made all the buildings a little blurry, details god lost, but then at one point as buildings and bridges started to rotate in perpsctive it sarted to look good. from that point it started to fly over the city, and i remember seeing details that i knew wowre mexico like. like newspapers walling up windows, and astuff like that. i was fnow flying over the city and i landed in a populated restaurant. one waiter saw me land on a table and i thought for second that he might get angry, but he sw how deftlyi jumped off hte table and started maneurvering through the peopole.... kids, strollers, lots of parnets with babies or toddlers. i assumed that he thought that maybe i would be a good waiter because i was good at weaving through people traffic on the fly. i kept running, out the gates of the restaurant and into town. it was still like san francisco and guanajuato and granada combined. i kept thinking, i should come down here and film. there were cobble stone stairway, like the tea shops in granada's albayzin. there were things on the side that i was trying to avoid, and people in the middle of the stairs i was trying to get around. there were clowns "entertaining" tourists/visitors. it was disney world or something. one clown said to me "how you like it" he had a red nose and brown baggy pants with suspenders. at the top of the stairway, there was a portly british clown, but i dont think he had a nose. he was directing the oncomers to one of three more clowns who were of some sort of destination. he said "free!" referring to number "three". the other guy did not hear him and he yelled again "free!" and i repeated after him and smirked "oh, it's free?"
i sensed that he then got a little self conscious about his accent, and he started to a sort of chicano and/or new york accent, which i thought would not go over as well with his audience because it was not exotic like his real bloky english.
i went through the gates at the top of the stairs and i had won something - two cannon balls that i could use at hte cannon ball lot, which consisted of tunnels dug into the dirty ground that i would bowl them into. i was not that interested. one of hte groundskeepers who was a little slow and wore glasses came up to me. He was about to tell me that i could not throw them anywhere around here because it was a hazard and might end up hitting someone, and i agreed with him anyway, and i said i wasnt interested in throwing them. the other one with the accent came over and suggested i throw them "just anywhere" so we did. . uneventful.
later i was running again, and i happened upon a slide that went down a hill that was lush with greenery. the slide itself was a water slide. you stood up in it. the walls were tuby and tamarind colored. There were two japanese girls i heard talking in japanese. there was another woman in front of me, standing on the slide like it were a horiztontal escalator at the airport. i could not get around her because the slide narrowed. it was okay i waited. at the end, i had lost my black socks but continued running in bare feet.
later i was at my house in sf. Nina had someone staying over, a guy. we didnt really inroduce ourselves, just sort of said "hey" and moved around each other, as I always do with Nina. He put some bath water on and left the bathroom for a second. i went in to pee. When i came out i asked him if he had meant to leave the bath water running, if he was going to take a bath. He said yes. later, he and another person and Nina - now there were three of them - were packing and putting their jackets on. the guy, who i saw more clearly now, he was dark skinned with a little bit shaggy hair, Carlos-esque but not as tall or lanky, said "Stephen, did Nina tell you that we are going to Ohio for a week?"
"Oh? really? what for?" He told me someting about a friend of theirs needed a blood tranfusion, and that they were all going to donate a third of their blood. that seemed like a lot to me, but apparently it could be done. "that's good" i said. i was somewhat relieved to have the house to myself for a week.