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more dreams

Dinosaurs at the Beach and Drugs

We were at the beach... wht beach? it ws like none other i'd been to before. it had curves, trees on either wide, rocks, contours. inland ascended. It was reminiscent of stacy's NH house, but it was definitely more open space, and more tropical.
There were people, not a lot, but enough that when the whales started flipping their fins up in the water, people made noises. I asked, is that a whale? it certainly was. not just one. 3 or 4. a family... a little one came dangerously close to the shoreline, and then just zoomed straight ouf of the water onto the sand. it wasnt a whale, it was more finny and scaly... it had a nose like a marlin. this was just one big fish, but why did it come on land? more started to come, and we worried, this isn't right. then they turned into retarded french dinosours with stubby legs, and they began to chase us. running on the sand ws difficult, but i was still able to outrun them, just barely. I think i killed a few in the course of a half hour or so.

we were near the same beach at someone's house. there were ham and cheese slices we were saving for someone. Natalie rafetto handed me some ham and swiss cheese slices so i could make a sandwich.

stacy and someone else and I did mushrooms or some kind of drug. we had to keep it secret from one other people or else they'd want some too, and we didnt have anymore. it ws an awesome experience. I lay on the couch, everything was normal, i rested. then all of a sudden a warm guitar chord strummed in and my head got warm. the bookcase and the stuff on it in front of me fell to the ground and into the ground and disappeared. i was joyous.