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more dreams

Blow-up Globe
Sept 2, 2009


it was an awards ceremony where the parents in the audience would call up their son or daugher orsomsone else's and ask a question about their art project. Mr Dwyer Heidkamp called up me and Dan, and then proceeded to be very quiet, to the point that i couldnt even hear him. he was actually IN the installation, instead of in the audience. he was crouched, motioning to Dan a certain piece of the project that had some kind of detrimental effect. something that was 'unfair' - and was trying to get dan to talk about it. but dan just sort of mirrored his motions blithely and walked back to his seat. I remember standing a little apart, since really this was a father son moment. but when we started walking away, dan and i were exclaiming to each other. I asked him why your dad didnt speak up, and dan was frustrated that he only wanted to talk about some logistical 'unfair' thing in the art piece.

later, erika, dan, a black african man (he was very dark and had an accent. was wearing a light collared shirt), stacy, and maybe some others were standing outside on the playground (similar to the walton school concrete) and i was hacksacking constantly. erika also had a hacky sack, and at point she took it out althoug the other hackysack was still going. there was one instance where i kicked the hackysack high and then said "yeesss" and it fell right in erika's place but she didn't do anything with it because she thought that by my saying "yes" it meant i was going to get it, or that i was in the middle of a hack.
stacy started kicking another ball, it was a blow up globe that had a little weight to it (heavier than a beach ball). the african man suggested we go into the field where there was more room and kick that around. He wanted to see "Mr Thomson" try that. Sounded like he wanted to show me up but it was all in good fun.