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The Crazed and The Pet-Negligent
January 7, 2010


in its final scene we were in a two tier threatre of some sort. the seats were a light wood color and the shape of church pews. some guy I'd been hanging with broke a glass bottle over Brandon's (Anton's) head. in this dream they were both pretty crazy. I had settled on Brandon, but had had a hard time remembering Anton's name. "Justin, Jeremy, Andy, Brian, Brandon, look I -" "why cant you remember y name?" but then person C broke the bottle over his head and began using the broken piece to stab him. everyone in the theatre ran, especially me, since i knew i might be next and I had been so close that a shard of glass had landed below my eye. I ran to the end of the top tier where we were and with no choice, or at least with little desire to hesitate at all for fear that it would be my end, I stepped up onto one of the light wood planks and leaped down 20 feet to the first floor. I was bound to break a leg or something, but it was better than the alternative. I had to get out of there fast before my cohorts destroyed me.

Earlier in the night, Greg was there with some Asians, looking at a beautiful vista across a small ravine that lined up with the Sutro Tower and a little perch where i was lying sideways taking photographs. One of the Asian women (momish) said they wanted to get going soon, so Greg popped in only briefly to see what i was doing. small talk.

Before that, I had been accused of having herpes, and of not taking care of my dog when i had the chance. I was supposed to meet some bigger blonde woman to give her health insurance i had been denying her. it was a stand off. She was on my side of Parker Rd, and I was on the Dusenberry's side. the road was wider than usual. She rolled me something and I rolled her something. Mine was anti freeze (the only antif freeze I had, and it was the only cure for her dog's (or my dogs?) sickness. As soon as she receieved it, she poured it out. Then we were on a snowy plane. We started walking towards each other. I asked what her problem was, or why she poured out the anti freeze. but i knew i was at fault for something. When she got close enough she slapped me on the head. i took it. We had an incident. There were other people, some street people. We were somewhere in San Francisco, on a slope and side road that reminds me of the streets intersecting UIOwa's Hillcrest and the Power Station. The mistake i had made, i think, was negligence of some sort. I may have let my dog die or get sick. The blonde woman may have raped me to get back at me.

I was in Anton's apartment, or maybe it was the other guy's, who now that I think about it was John Hayes. His dog, a greyhound, had AIDS, determined by some bump on his hind leg. I had some stuff at his house, and he suggested htat I take it all with me. I was trying to conceal whatever mistake I had made and it involved not bringing all my shit with me. I was trying to argue logically why it made no sense to bring all my shit with me, and i was getting annoyed that he wasnt listening or didnt understand. This was not long before john broke a glass over anton's head. Anton was not a completely innocent bystander either. Everyone in the dream was somewhat crazy, and I fitted in with them because i had done something against moral judgement.

this all my have been dreamt as a result of my being sick with congestion and sinus pressure, unable to sleep well, and for locking my cat out of the front of the house on purpose (because he meows all night long, waking up my mother)