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more dreams

Crash Landing
Nov 26, 2010

just remembered, we were crash landing into the sea.
there were 3 of us. I dont think i was doing my job very well, but no one was complaining, so it must not have been my negligence that brought us down.

at one point i think there was another plane/airship trying to blow us up, and for a second i was feeling trembling and heating up as if we were about to explode. I prepared myself intellectually.

the commander and the two of us were the only ones in the ship. the other guy who was not the commander managed to land the ship and i was very thankful.

when we landed in the sea, it was warm, and there were people there to greet us. Some people I knew. I think chrissy dodson was there. There was a cat and a dog. the cat and I connected. the dog was a golden retreiver and ran over to me, past me, then back to me. the animals were happy to see me, and I them.

there was more to that dream...