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more dreams


I was in charge of preparing cotswold cuts from these two gigantic wheels for an event where my old TL was to be performing, along with a lot of other acts.  Jenn jenn wanted me to buy tickets even if i didnt plan on going because it was for a good cause.  I remember having to say this to someone who began to complain to me that the food, the burger patty, was gross and rubbery.   I shrugged and said, "it's for a good cause?"  and they got angry.   my old TL Shane was to play his guitar and sing with a deep western voice like that of John Wayne, which was strange because his speaking voice was normally high, and I noted that.  After his song, i think he still wanted to be up there, so he started lecturing people on smoking, and why it's so bad.  He himself was smoking, and when i asked STacy about it, she said something that was pithy and made a lot of sense.  something along the lines of, he's smoking to sort of bottleneck the effect' or something, but it was much better than that.  describing that to gin up his own energy he had to jump into the fire, feel the squeeeze, etc.  i forget how she said it.
the cheese cutting part of the dream was probably the most visceral.  the wheels had been out of temperature for  a long time, too long.  cotswold cheese isnt one of those cheeses you can leave out, it's too young and moist.  These wheels, which were probably the size of beanbag chairs, where spotted with green mold, that i had to cut out within a certain time frame, because as soon as the show was over, the audience/guests would want to eat. 

the general mood of the dream was tense and under pressure... not extremely, but enough to be uncomfortable. stress from the customer complaining about the burger, from my having to defend it when i myself agreed with him, from having to prepare cheese whose moldiness was someone else's fault, for being asked to attend by Shane himself his performance and having to turn him down.

There were many people in the dream, coworkers from WF, etc. and I think this milieu of activity and people is based in my experience at the auditorium in junior high.