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more dreams

Coin Flakes for Customer at 22 Parker


stacy was with me. she pointed out that she was concerned about the bruise that i had on the side of my torso. I looked and saw that it was getting bigger. i pressed on it and said “it’s where the appendix is”. I worried that it was another effect of my smoking. I need to quit.

I was at my house, performing a service from the basement, the service of shredding a coin into small flakes, as if it were raw lavender. the woman who came to have it done was annoying and the three of us, the employees of the house, knew it. the woman eventually turned into a man, still annoying, but i was even more annoyed that my coworkers were not helping me with the process that I had not been trained on. I was able to punch a hole out of the coin, which was the first step, and i placed the little piece that made the hole and the coin itself into a special envelope, but i didnt know how to do the rest. someone gave me attitude and made it seem like i was holding everything up. I yelled from the porch to the side yard where they were all sitting and waiting about ‘can someone show me where the fucking shredder is, how the fuck am I supposed to do this when i’ve never been trained? goddamit’ and i felt better for making it publicly known that the delay for the customer was not my fault. I was a good customer service attendant. I would have taken swift care of the request even though the woman was annoying.

i had a nother significant dream-portion, but i dont remember it anymore. It must be possible to map dreams…. if they could just map everything while you’re awake. for example, they tell you to “imagine a coin”…. now “imagine a different type of coin” etc and take note of which neurons and areas of the brain are firing, and really get all the nuts and bolts down, then dreams would be a piece of cake.