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more dreams

Closeness and Conclusion
December 4th, 2009


Ting and I were meeting for the last time. I was on my bicycle. We met somewhere downtown in Wakefield, like near the train tracks or on main street. I thought we were at a cafe, but it dissolved to on the street. She told me she was pregnant, but I think i already knew . It was not with me, but rather someone she barely knew and had slept with while we were away from each other during one of our breakups. the news of this pregnancy was reason to think that it was really over now. I said it was too bad that she had to get pregnant by someone who probably didnt care about her that much. She said it was going to be alright. I think we parted with our sentences trailing off, never quite finishing them, but looking back at eachother with a similar feeling of inescapable closeness and conclusion.

On the ride home, i noticed i wasnt biking very fast. my front tire was low, the cap had popped off somehwere along the way. I thought about where it might be, or if i could go to a gas station and fill up my tires and see if they had another one. but i was in no mood. I sat back on my seat and put more pressure on the back tire so that the front would be more buoyant. It worked reasonably well. I rode past three little kids in red t-shirts (there are kids in red t-shirts who play by alta plaza all the time) who were digging in the tall grass looking for something. I noticed how much they acted like little kittens. I kept riding. I knew i had a long hill to climb to my house.