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Chased by Vampires
March 17 2010


chased by vampires

i was with a group of people, maybe it was a a guided tour or something. I dont remember knowing any of the people too well, but at least one person was someone that I wanted to come with me when we had to split up. unfortunately, second time around, he got shot.

we were ascending a slow hill at night. down below we could see a train coming along its tracks. but it had to stop. something must have gone wrong. steam let out . and some people exited. They were hundreds of yards away, but they eventually made it up to where we were. No we were 20-30 people stranded on a hill at night. we had to go somewhere, so i directed people to come this way, through the brush.

at first i did not realize that the people who came out of the train were vampires. When i did, it became a game of slipping away from them and making it to the bottom of the hill before they did.

at some point night turned to day. the sequence happened twice. the first time i made a good decision to go down a certain path. there were vampires with guns and vampires who just wanted to bite. first time a hot vampire girl bit me. I was not happy about it, but it was a better fate than getting shot. if you're bit by a vampire at least you live. if you're shot, you're dead.

Second time around i made a different decision because i wanted to get away without being shot or bit. I decided to descend the hill by another path. it was just me and my friend now going down this path, someone was coming. I climbed a tree and hid there, and watched as my friend was spotted and then shot to death. shit. the guy might see me too. i jumped down and started running. now he definitely must have seen me. He was running after me and I could feel that he was faster than me. I didn't want to get shot in the back. There was a giant hill with fences and walls and so forth. i jumped it all. the fall must have been at least 400 meters. I knew i might die when i landed but i had no choice. i tried to land my on my feet and thought to myself midair, "well, who knows, maybe i have superpowers i wasn't aware of"

I woke up when i hit the ground.