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Changing Landscapes, Stolen Treasure

who was i with? it's amazing this detail slips so often, even when the rest of the dream is so vivid and impactful. anyway, we were at some amazing theme park, like a disney world but more vast. actually, i was explaining to the person i was with, a guy friend, that disney world was better because it wouldnt have been as artificial - it would have planted the seeds and then let the whole place become real and overgrown. which is totally not true. the place looked exactly like ft lauderdale when i was there as a kid. bright blue water, shoreline made of rubber.

but we were excited to be there either way. I said to my friend, "look, we could swim all the way across the bay!" it was 1000 or 2000 yards of clear shallow crystal blue water. there were some boats coming through but they were not big ones.

we were on a trek, walking through grass fields with jeep tire indentations.

at one point i was in a car with three other dudes. at one point it occurred to me that i must be the most un-funny one here, because i was the only one not constantly cracking jokes. the driver was sort of the leader and the clown, and i wondered if he thought i was dull. mostly i didnt care, but it did cross my mind. we drove past "the island" - the grassy knoll off Prospect Street heading towards Bear Hill - but it was much larger, maybe 10 times larger. Also, someone had planted trees and then cut them all down. the land was covered almost entirely with trunks about 1 ft - 2 ft wide, and only a few feet apart. all buzzed off at the base. I expressed my disapproval and disappointment and surprise at seeing this, and they explained to me that 'ol man so and so planted those trees just to cut them down.' -- i briefly recalled walking through those trees, having seen them grow up. I couldnt believe they were gone now.

later i was with dad, mom, and stacy. it was winter and we were walking through a forest, through the backyards of people's houses, an unbeaten path, certainly, to get where we were trying to go, which was to find a treasure, some hidden old cash. we all took slightly different ways to get there, but were close enough that we could see each other. my dad finally came across it... it was under a snow pile. we started scraping the snow away and saw loads of bills tied together and wrapped in some sort of grooved plastic. I took two handfuls, shoved them in my winter jacket pocket, and said "ok i'm out" - i did not want to be too selfish since that would have likely gotten me killed. i mean, sooner or later some bad guys were going to pop out and try to kill us right? i encouraged us all to go. we got lost getting out of there, so i said, "i'm going the way i came" and they started to follow me. I got confused at one point in the back of someone's yard because there was a hill, and then a drop-off, and stacy found the descension path. we saw other folks walking up, mostly seniors, all pretty happy as they were probably doing the same "treasure walkabout" as we were, probably something that you could have read about in some pamphlet. I was skipping down the path, partly becuase i was happy, partly because i wanted to apparent innocence in front of these people. I remember during our escape there had been some hot woman walking down an alley, her hair tied back, and looking somewhat like a student. I gravitated towards her but thought she might be a decoy. I stayed on task and when we got out of there, back on the road, i was still skipping. it was a country road that bent a little. i made sure everyone was alright and present. Stacy, surprisingly, only took 100 dollars. I took a quick look at my money.. it was definitely old money.. had a look like some 20's or 50's poster and font, lots of white space (light green for money). in other words the design was not as intricate and involved as it is today.
not long after we exited the snowy hill with people's houses and trees where we found the mound of money, I noticed a delorian parked in a driveway of some farmhouse. there were long dunes on either side of it. I asked my mom if that was the real one, used in the movie. She said "it must be." - but as we got closer I saw it was a newer model, and actually from the sideview looked like a mix between a delorian and the ghostbuster's hearse. it also did look newer.

swimming again, there was a pool, and i was with the same guy. i think it may have been Hans. I had not gone in yet but was excited to, because the water was warm. I deliberated about whether or not to put on a speedo under my bathing suit shorts, and then whether or not to wear just the speedo or just the shorts, or both. and if i put on a speedo, could i get naked and do it here on the deck, or should i find the bathroom? there werent many people here, and those here were busy doing their swim meet, which consisted of 5 or 6 younger children doing freestyle trials. being at a pool, i was semi comfortable in a speedo, especially if i was going to be diving off the board and blocks, and working on my stroke.