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Cats in Distress


cats in distress.

somewhere in the alps, or in spain, or in europe somewhere, there were snowy mountains we could see from the distance. foggy, cloudly, cold, misty with patches of trees over the landscape. motorists were dressed in old brown leather jackets with lamb flaps, whatever those are called. old helmets , etc. the vehicles were hovering jet skis. each of them was admitting a white smoke. we were watching with dismay as they emitted their pollution, and for what? for a stupid hovering vehicle that did not seem to go too fast or high. I pointed out that there were many of them, look! we looked in the distance and saw the mountain was crawling with various vehicles. Some of them were men running along side their traditional motorcyles. the motorcycles had gotten away from them, and they were running along side or behind them in attempt to stop them. I used my canon point and shoot with the long zoom to video one particular motorcycle and drive running behind it. A blue cheetah was also trying to catch the motorcycle, running with it. I got it all on video. The motorcycle was approaching directly, and i recorded as it got closer. People jumped out of the way. the motorcycle went through a deep puddle but kept going. I had to dive to the side, but i kept recording. i turned around and watched a group of dogs and people scattering to avoid the self possessed motorcycle. Finallly it struck a group of dogs and i ran over to see, while still recording. I was the first to arrive on the scene. I kept filming. A golden brown short haired cat was lying on the ground, moving his paws and neck with blank innocent eyes while its tummy was bleeding, its hair pulled off. I said nothing, but patted the cat softly. I also worked to get a good angle of the cat, because sad as it was, this video would be a record of the danger of these motorcycles and pollutive vehicles in general. To see the direct consequence of an irresponsible vehicle would help move the needle. But I was not heartless or unempathetic. at the same time I felt very bad for the cat. I kept filming. People began to crowd around.

Later, in another dream, I was trying to find a good place to take pictures of oncoming bicyclists and runners. I was somewhere on Propsect Street by the top, maybe by the new property or something similar. (The street was flatter in general than Prospect St.) I ran into a patch of dark pine needles thinking my black camera lens would not be seen from there. I happened onto the roof of the nearest house, thinking it would be even better to shoot from the roof. Somehow i was inside, in the attic, balancing on wooden beams and overhearing a conversation between what sounded like 3 people. i think they were 3 gay men, talking about something sexual. I was trying slowly to inch away from the attic, to get back to the pine trees, without being heard. part of the wooden beams was a cat, sprawled somewhere as if it were a rug. I might have applied some pressure to the cat while inching away over the beams and planks.

Later i was having dinner with some people - Maite and Paco Leon and i’m not sure who else. They told me about their cat that they have to put down, because ‘esta mal’ - i looked and saw the same white cat from the attic. The cat was sprawled on its belly, trying to get up but unable. all it could do was stretch its hands and legs out. it looks painful. I said “ohhh, ba-by”. I think Maite parroted me and smiled. but i was very serious, feeling bad for the cat.