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Cats and Wolves


cats and wolves

the point, what was it? to keep away from the devil, or death?, who was chasing us in the form of a wolf. There were also cats though, and some of the cats were nice, and some of them were also a milder evil and you had to make sure not to be bitten by them.

There were many of us, students i guess, running around the hallways of a school, around the bends of lockers, kicking cats when we had to, climbing stairwells, ladders, keeping away from the wolf.

part of me felt bad to have to kick the cats or beat them dead; at one point some cat were chasing me and another person, but as a crowd of people started running in the opposite directioni towards us, we turned with them and let the cats run right into the feet of hte crowd. I did not see, but I was sure they were getting crushed.