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more dreams

Catch Craw
June 1, 2010


alissa worked at a place called Catch Craw, and it was in cambridge somewhere, and she might have been able to hook me up. Greg suggested i talk to her. i needed some money, so even though it was something simple like peeling bananas or handing out tickets, i was all for it. greg and I had invited her over to talk about it.

Greg himself had just been accepted to a university, so i wrote him a card, made it myself, it said in the middle something like "they just couldnt reject you" and around the border said university of connecticut over and over again, overlapping on itself.

i was supposed to get married to Ting on a wednesday or tuesday but it got rained out, or at least Ting didnt want to get married anymore because it was raining. we had sent a note to people about it the week before, but since we were canceling so soon, i had yet to write everyone an email telling them that it wouldnt happen.

I sang a cover song, cant remember which one it was now, but people liked the way i sang it, especially stacy, and she encouraged me to sing it in front of everyong while at the piano during the banquet (banquet of my wedding, i assume)