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Boat, Dirtbike, F150
May 14, 2010



i was parking an F150, black, in Central Square or somewhere like that downtown boston or cambridge. revved my engine too much because i wasnt used to the stick shift, didnt want to slide backwards on the hill. people started yelling a me for being a loud obnoxious driver, but it wasn't my intention. lost my parking spot because i turned around and someone else took it. I actually had been parked but realized i was rather far from the curb, so my mistake was in getting back in and trying to perfect it. I think i realized later on anyway that it wasnt really a parking space. the paint was simply worn down that said it was a bus lane or handicap or something. there was also a hydrant at the end of the street so that may have been the issue too.

at one point i was on a bicycle. rode it into a jamba juice or starbucks. looking for a place to park but couldnt find it, rode back out again, but not before accidentally banging it against the glass. One girl was just leaving when i left and she said something like "that was quite a ...." I was about to ride off and said "yea.." and she said "my name is ...." . I was not interested in talking, but knowing she was looking for conversation, i hesitated and said, I'm stephen. last name what? last name Yee. yee, oh, korean? yes. (not sure if that is true but in my dream i was pretty certain of it.) by a few lines into it, i was happy to talk to her. she seemed friendly and interested, not pushy. I could have shoved off on my bike but didnt.

She must have told me about the dirt bike trail, because i think she was there. It was a mountainous terrain that was pretty picturesque. I had my backpack and camera with me, was trying to snap some shots of it. there were nice shadows being made by the trees on the grassy hill, and lines being drawn by what must have at one time been rivers flowing. outside of this terrain was the city, it must have been SF for how low the clouds were and how steep the hilly residential vistas were.

at the dirtbike event i saw one kid do a great jump. the yee girl said wow that was good, and i agreed. it's hard to do a good jump on a dirtbike. at this point i think we were talking about motorized dirt bikes. I met some other people wandering around, guys mostly, who were there to compete or to be aprt of the dirtbike team. They were all pretty friendly. i remember one told me his name ( i asked twice because i didnt hear the first time) and he or one of his friends said, yea i know, weird name. I said "we all have weird names." I was looking forward to trying the jump myself, and realizing that what i probably did wrong every time was, as soon as i got airborn i pushed down with my feet, but that instead what i should do is push down with the handlebars and bring up my feeet, so that the bike can stay level with the ground or even point a little downwards. my problem was always that i would land on the backwheel and fall backwards. I never got to try it out though. maybe next time.

leaving the place after the practice was over, I realized i left my backpack in the locker room. I hoped no one would take my camera. I biked back and found it. Outside the place was like outside the vocational school in wakefield. we left through a backdoor that you could not get back into without a key. somehow i got in. maybe someone else was just coming out.

at another point in the dream, there was some kind of parade at night down one street. Lots of people around. I saw Stacy on the bench on the side of the parade. it was so dark. She had long hair. i stopped in front of her and kicked the bench as if to say hello. She was surprised that i was there. she was sitting with friends whom i did not particuarly know.

Other people I might have known in the parade. it seemed like everyone in the parade also had a virtual counterpart, a facebook account or some kind or profile that you could check instantly (hyperreality), and it became integrated in how people dealt with each other.

enmeda or meda meant girl in spanish.

I texted Anton with an exlamation point when i saw him there in the parade at a distance. Saeko may have been there at the parade too. Anton texted me back and we spoke briefly. I forget what i had seen him doing.

I was on a boat earlier in the night. I only brought one change of clothes, but the other participants said we would be there for 3-4 days. There was food laid out. some people's responsibilities were to cook it for the others. I forget what the boat's expedition was alll about.
i feels as though i was there for a while, and i think this boat part was an important part of my entire dreamscape last night. too bad i cant remember more if it.