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more dreams

My birthday in spain with wakefield friends, in wakefield

it was my birthday, as I realized more towards the end of the dream. by the time i realiazed it was 8:21, and I exclaimd eight twenty one!!@ thinking that maybe it was too late to go to my party or to have one, or that peopple would not comie. but then i remembere that in spain everything starts late. no problem in having cake at 11 at night.

butmost of the optics were actuallly wakefield. we were waiting for a train. I was smoking a ciagarettee on the other side of the tracks and had to put it out prematurely when the train came. The sinside of the commter rail in my dreams always losks more like a muni bus with dim flourescent lighting. and tinted thick windows. for some reason. The level of comfort is the same. commter rails have padded seats, unlike buses and metros that have had plastic.

Dan was in teh dream, Stacy and Greg. I spoked to them all but forget the exchanges, except for Greg. I was trying to whip out my small camera and take a picture of a distance train on the thorizon. I thought I had it, but reviewing the image I saw that i missed it. I was not too upset, but it’s always fun to try to get a quickie with my canon long distance zoom hand held. sometime it works. theI was trying to catpture the ttrain before it went over the horizon. it turns out that i didnt even get a blurry rep… oa building was in the way I missed the train complete.

as for the train we had been waiting for in wakefield depot, i put out my cig and crossed the tracks. Got on with Stay and others. There was some exchange in the train. I was aware of homies an dstrangers in the same space. People stood much like on the bus or subway.


yesterday, i was in water with Karla. we met from opposite ends of a channel that had a bridge over it. or perhaps the water was the bridge.