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more dreams

Bernie on a Cliff


I was walking behind a herd of sheep. The two sheep in front of me were obviously not real, but they moved similiarly enough to the real ones on the side and farther up ahead that it was OK. The camera tracked along with them. their hind legs sort of looked like stiff greyhound legs. It was a film about something.

Strangely, this morning I decided to finally cut the little stuffed animal “monkey” that the previous tenant had left dangling from the rafter in the apartment, and it turns out it’s a dark sheep.

Bernie Sanders was on stage, on a ledge, on a cliff, a very narrow shelf, asked to stand while they decided on his wardrobe. A crew was there with him, including me, picking out the right color outfit for his next debate. A woman producer was being kind of demanding but she was ok - she was saying to some young guy to grab the outfit next to the one he wore last time. That last outfit didnt work well at all. Bright magenta. As I was closer to Bernie, I whispered in his ear, crying, “You have no idea how much I want you to win.” He hugged me.

I was doing a photoshop test for a job, but it was kind of an engineering test too. I was feeling up a bridge, a bridge model, through the software, unfolding and extending the parts of the bridge as they made sense to me. The first part of the test was a portrait of a guy, and his hair had to be one of two different styles. His arms were behind a sofa, and my competitor didnt realize that part of the photoshop task was to bring his arms out from behind. Since i had done this, I felt confident that I had an advantage and would probably get the job.