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more dreams

Back to the Plastic Future

we were in the future. it was like back to the future. we had a time machine. i was mthe michael j fox character... ther was a train that almost hit us, over a borken street. the whole premise was that some inventor of plastic bubble wrap invented some new kind of plastic, or mabe it was the bubble wrap itself, that would work well for industry. we knew it would not be good for the environment, but he said "youll have me to thank when hawaii is booming and and rich" - i knew it was not right and when we got to the future, it sucked. there was a guy tat a carnival like stand, throwing knives. it looked a lot like wild west, but with trains appearing out of nowhwere. a lot of this started on my third floor, the plastic factory. when we watched the biography of the guy who invted the plastic bubles, we could see it.. he was just a kid, and he wgen he made the wrap he wrapped it around a tree and leaned against it, kissing it, just being a kid, not realizing the environmental damange either. the presmise was that we had to get back to the past to stop this plastic production from happening. I forget who all there was, but there were two fat chicks were slow in catching up, and the others went back to the past in the train. I waited up for the girls and said we had to get back, that i wasnt sure how but that we needed to. There was an earthquake that happened either at the point of the train coming through, or in my third floor of 22 parker. i perceived that the earthquake was sort of like the earth/god saying that what we were doing was wrong, and that we shouldnt be doing it. it was my job, it was everyone's job, so we were in a rock/hardplace. but once we got to the future and saw, it was clear we had to stop.