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more dreams

May 27, 2011


asteroids were coming down on earth, just like the movie i had just seen (in my dreams).

the streets were pretty crowded with cars and people. there was a blue robot gun driving in front of us. a brunette woman with sunglasses was walking rather close to it and i said "she better get ouf of the way of that thing". her hair touched it. it was apparently just a defunct robot gun, but it still drove itself. it was afternoon.

later on it was nighttime, we were still driving, but it was slow, and sometimes i was walking outside the car. i saw a meteor shoot through the sky. it was a grey sphere with craters, and as it descended it got smaller and hotter. I said "holy shit! that's a fucking asteroid!" people looked and the guy next to me said "that looks just like-" and i finished his sentence "the one in the movie!" apparently we had just seen the same movie. But as I had recalled, the one in the movie didnt grow smaller. this one did as it descended in the sky. and i was explaining it to this guy next to me. "the one in the movie started out the same, with volume, large, spherical... but this one got smaller... did that happen in the movie?" and he said it did. At first I thought it was beautiful, but then i realized that this was the end of the world, and asteroids/meteors left and right began to shoot down. people were being blown up left and right.

There was a body of water close by, down the hill, looked like the iowa river. it was nighttime and i could not see too well. I had been driving on the crowded road behind the blue robot machine gun with Scott and Mike, my two roomates. They got away from me as soon as pandemonium set in, and i ran after them screaming "Ethel! Ethel!" because i couldnt remember Scott's name and thought it was something like "Ethos" but not quite "Ethos". I couldnt tell if his car was ahead or behind. the reason I needed to get back into that car was that my jacket was there and it had at least five thousand dollars in it, possibly as much as 3 million dollars in it... the bills were new and enigmatic to me and the woman at the store who was examining it at a corner store which was near a subway station... incidentally that woman was my mom with lighter hair, and she was somewhat younger but still intractable as my mom gets sometimes.

I came into that store possibly to get her to examine the bills, or maybe just as i came in she grabbed my brown bag to check it out. the family who had lost their cat had just given it to me after I basically guilted them into paying me something for finding their cat. They had put a sign on a telephone pole, (which if i had to locate was probably outside the junior high school in wakefield, along main street between the school and the civic center on the same side of the street), and the sign read "$15,000 reward!!!!" So when i found the cat, who was somewhat fat or flat, or shedding, i couldnt tell, I walked it around on a leash until the family showed up. When they just thanked me, I said, "so this about the reward, was just hyperbole?"
and then we all sort of shuffled our feet and made noises, but in the end i rolled up my sleeves, smiling, and walked off. They said something and I turned back, still smiling, and said "it's ok... i just thought there would be something for me, but no worries..." the smile was genuine, but i did still feel that i wished they had given me something.

As i was walking away, an older boy from the family came up and gave me a brown bag full of stuff and said his mom wanted me to have this. it had a few hundred dollar bills in it, which i was happy about, because i needed them, and then there were some bills i didnt recognized - it looked like a mix of a check and a bill... one said 3M and i was trying to figure out if that was 1 million x 3. 3 million dollars? my mother exclaimed. I had on their jacket too, it was a tan jacket and slightly too big for me, plus after i finally looked in the mirror i didnt like the collar cut. It had come with the cat, or i had found it at the same time. I took it off and put on my own (somehow i had my own jacket back).

My mom tried to run out and tell the other mom that this was too much money, and I was getting frustrated. "no, mom, just leave them alone!" . I saw something else in the bag that said 2332 or something.... like a nother few thousand dollars. I had every intention of not cashing everything there, because it looked as if they were being overgenerous or overcompensating, or trying to match the poster's promise because i was a nice guy or something. I only needed a few hundred dollars. maybe i'd keep one of the checks too, but that was it.

There were two dogs in the subway station. One man was sitting there in the platform next to my mom's store (which was more like a large stand with a glass pane). His dog was large and grey and growling. But he seemed like a nice dog and i was talking to him. actually to get him to quiet down both I and my mom made noises at him, catlike sounds.

so i had the bag, and i was then in the car with Scott, located, idk, on a NY bridge or something. The asteroids as they began to fall looked exactly like the movies. They would come in angled trailing with smoke, and blow up something, taking out groups of people. One was coming right towards me to my left as i was running up the hill. (not sure where i was running, when asteroids are falling all around there's not anywhere to really hide... it occured to me that if i could be somewhere in the desert under a rock or in a canyon, maybe i could get between some rocks that would shield me). I think i heard someone say "incoming!" or something war movieish like that. the hill i ws running up was muddy, and i thought about taking my shoes off, that maybe i could run better with bare feet. the asteroid landed early and blew up something higher up the hill.

realizing that i may only have minutes to live, maybe less, i thought to call Ting to see if she was ok. i guess this was in SF. I knew she would not answer her phone anyway, and considering these meteors were falling all over the place, she could be dead by now. I kept running, trying to keep the terror i felt at bay and prepare myself for death.